Tile Styles

Tile Styles

The right tiles make all the difference

Alternate tiling options have increased in popularity over the last few decades. Larger tiles, as well as atypically shaped tiles, have become more and more fashionable for both walls and floors. Combine these sizes and shapes with changes in colour, finishes and patterns and there are more options available than ever before!


The right size tile for your space is largely a personal preference. It is not the case, as previously thought, that small rooms require small tiles and larger rooms, larger tiles. Instead, size is just one of the myriad of choices to make when choosing a tile – shape, patterns and colour are just some of the other factors to consider. Consider the environment you’re looking to tile, is your floor uneven or is there a break in the tiling? All this can become part of an educated decision to be made with the help of Johnson Tiles and/or your tiling professional.


Tiles don’t have to be the same squares and rectangles we’ve seen for decades, though the classics will always be an option. Depending on what is required for your project, Johnson Tiles can help you visualize tile options to reflect your personality and find what shapes best compliment your space and vision.

Coupled with patterns, both on tiles and through tiling installations, the options for creative tile work are extensive!


Angles, layout, size and shape all come together to create your perfect pattern.

Whether choosing tiles that are themselves patterned or working with Johnson Tiles or/and your tiling professional to create unique pattern options, patterns can change and shape whatever space you are tiling. Make sure to check out all the options available in the Johnson Tiles online shop, and use our Visualiser Tool to get a better idea of how patterns can affect your space.


Different types of tile will present you with a variety of different colour options. Colour usage, like tile size, is all about personal preference. Consider the palette of your entire space and how tiles can add to that overall vibe. Use colour to bring out new patterns, highlight shapes or help differently tiled sections flow together.

Remember to think about both the natural and artificial lighting states that will influence how your tile ultimately presents itself.


Your tile’s finish will affect how it looks when after install. A space that requires a more reflective tile may suit more of a polished or glossy finish, whereas a high slip location might suit a tile with more texture or grit.

Think about how your space will be used and don’t forget to use samples to get an idea of how your tiles will physically interact with your space. The absorption of a matt finish can make a pattern pop, but a more structured finish will add depth to your next feature wall.