Terrazzo Look Tiles

When you are after a look that will never go out of style, terrazzo look tiles are a stylish option. Our terrazzo look tiles replicate genuine terrazzo, but are more durable and much easier to work with. With styles from classic to contemporary, subdued to bold, calming to playful, terrazzo look tiles come in a diverse selection of colours and patterns. There’s no limit to what you can create with terrazzo look tiles. Explore our range below, and if you require assistance, call our team on 1800JOHNSON or book a free consultation online, and we’ll be able to assist you with providing the right tiles for any space or project.

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The Origin of Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo has a long history and is adored around the world for its distinctive and unique look. Attributed to the flooring handcrafted by Venetian construction workers, traditional terrazzo tiles were commonly made using a composite of ground down marble stone offcuts, sand, and aggregates poured into cement. Since then, architects and designers have continued to use terrazzo tiles for their exciting look. Extremely popular between the 1950’s and early 70’s, terrazzo tiles have made a comeback, and today terrazzo tiles are used for more than just flooring. Another reason for the revival of the terrazzo style is the advancement of technology which has created exceptional terrazzo look tiles. Unlike the way that traditional terrazzo tiles are made, where colour and aggregate distribution naturally varies, our terrazzo look tiles provide consistent surface patterns for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Terrazzo look tiles combine the artistry and remarkable precision of terrazzo tiles, mimicking the traditional look at a much lower cost, without specialised installation, and without compromising on performance, durability, and practicality.

The Benefits of Terrazzo Look Tiles

Whether you are looking to invigorate a minimalist space, or add a touch of nostalgia to your interiors, there are plenty of benefits to be gained by utilising terrazzo look tiles as part of the design:

  • Our advanced manufacturing techniques meticulously recreate the speckle and aggregate look of real terrazzo, an important part of their charm and beauty.
  • Available in an almost limitless array of chips, colours, and styles for a distinctive look.
  • Durable and long lasting, resistant to scratches, stains, and fading; making them the better choice for high traffic areas including floors, benchtops, or walls.
  • Require minimal maintenance, without the need for sealing or special cleaning like traditional terrazzo tiles.
  • Available in various sizes, shapes, and finishes, providing the flexibility often needed to bring your creative vision to life. 
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional terrazzo tiles, and much easier to install.

With Terrazzo Look Tiles, It’s All in the Details

Whether you’re redecorating a kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other kind of space, terrazzo look tiles are always a versatile option. Our terrazzo range has a depth of character like no other, and will provide a stunning modern, sophisticated look. We also offer bespoke terrazzo look tiles, so they can seamlessly integrate with an existing design style or idea. Book your free consultation today, and we’ll show you exactly how terrazzo look tiles can become the star in any room.


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