Quality & Standards

High quality with complete satisfaction

At Johnson Tiles our approach to quality is two-pronged. We commit to an on-going effort to provide high quality products, while eliminating defects at all levels all the while striving to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Principles

In order to comply with ISO standards, Johnson Tiles adheres to the following principles:

    • Following quality assured processes
    • Continuous training and development of staff and company policies
    • Working with approved suppliers and partners
    • Continuously striving to maintain a leadership position in the market
    • Continuously re-evaluating processes and promoting innovative ideas
    • Teamwork and co-operation
    • Year-on-year improvement
    • Ensuring customer satisfaction
    • Providing accurate information
    • Quick response service
    • Efficient processing

The Johnson Tiles Quality Policy

ISO Standards

Johnson Tiles adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) as the assurance system in our business operation. Our quality policy, which spells out our commitment and approach, directs our efforts towards customer satisfaction and continual improvements.

The ISO 9001:2015 QMS is based on the quality management principles described in ISO 9001, in which they ensure that the organisation and business is set up to consistently understand and meet our customer’s requirements. To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality system, regular internal quality audits are carried out by a team of trained auditors.

Our products are manufactured under an effective system of testing, control and monitoring and conform to the MS ISO 13006:2014 “Ceramic tiles – Definitions, Classifications, Characteristics and Marking”.

Fire Resistance Policy

Ceramic tiles are produced using inert materials and are fired to temperatures in excess of 1200°C. As ceramic tiles are inert and non-combustible, they are considered fire resistant and will not contribute to fire.

Further to this the European Standard EN14411:2012 (E) Table J.1 clause “m”, recognises that “ceramic is considered as material of known and stable performance with respect to the reaction to fire performance as it does not consist of any organic material. As such, it does not contribute to fire and it may be considered without the need for testing (CWT- classification without testing) as the Class A1 material“. Additionally the European Standard EN 13501-1 recognises that “ceramic materials are non-combustible and fireproof at any oxygen concentration“.

As a responsible ceramic tile manufacturer, Johnson tiles undertakes rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety of all our products. This is to say, as our products are 100% organic material and non-combustible, they will not contribute to combustion or toxic gases in the event of a fire, giving you full confidence and peace of mind when using our products in your project.

The Johnson Tiles Fire Compliance Policy

Care and Quality Combine Perfectly