Concrete Look Tiles

When a design calls for a modern aesthetic, your client may want to consider concrete look tiles. These tiles emulate the base appearance of concrete and are the perfect tile material to complement other design choices such as exposed brick, unfinished timber, or metal accents. Our concrete and cement look tiles have a deliberately raw aesthetic and imperfect texture, and feature a wide range of sophisticated styles, finishes, and sizes, so you can find the perfect match for the space. You can view our range of concrete look tiles below, or if you’d like some assistance, we are always happy to help, so call us on 1800JOHNSON or book a free consultation online today.

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Why ‘the Concrete’ Look?

Concrete look tiles have become the ultimate staple for many trending styles. Although concrete has often been associated with a dull grey colour, and a minimalist or bare feel, concrete look tiles have become the top pick for DIY renovators and designers who want to add an urban and contemporary edge to their homes or businesses. The perfect blend of texture and industrial aesthetic without sacrificing quality or functionality, concrete look tiles can also provide a blank canvas for creativity. These tiles are highly durable, low maintenance, cost-effective, and will completely transform the atmosphere of a space, with enhanced style and modern appeal. Concrete look tiles are perfect for outdoor patios, pool surroundings, and garden pathways and also look stunning indoors. In fact, they are often used for practical flooring throughout entire spaces, floor to ceiling walls, kitchen countertops and splashbacks, and much more. Not only incomparably stylish, but concrete look tiles can also cost a lot less to install compared to traditionally poured concrete floors.

The Benefits of Concrete Look Tiles

An excellent alternative to traditional heavy concrete, there are a whole host of benefits that come from using concrete look tiles:

  • Available in a range of styles: minimalist raw concrete; stylish light polished or matt finishes; warm, cool, and neutral tones and colours; and other creative textures.
  • Highly versatile and blend with a range of interior design styles.
  • Incredibly durable, resistant to staining, scratching, moisture, and staining.
  • Low maintenance and the non-porous option doesn’t require sealing to protect against staining (unlike traditional concrete).
  • In wet rooms, concrete look tiles stand up against damage and discolouration, and are simple to keep clean.
  • Can replicate classical designs or vintage styles.
  • Can be customised to suit design needs with contemporary patterns, colours, and textures.

Give an Instant Upgrade With Concrete

There’s no doubt that concrete look tiles capture the minimalist and raw appearance of traditional concrete, with additional integrity, functionality, and longevity. Our concrete look tiles come in ultra-modern designs, different sizes, and formats, all at fantastic prices to help you get more value out of your renovations. Plus, all our concrete look tiles are manufactured in house. Book your free consultation today, and we’ll provide you with the concrete look tiles needed to turn your design vision into a reality.


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