Tile Finishes

Tile Finishes

Applying the finishing touch

The final surface on your tiles will influence the look and feel of your space. Light reflection and texture can impact not only the style and era but can also play a roll in safety and usability.

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Such tiles have a shiny surface coating and they make the ideal option for walls and floors. Glossy tiles have a reflective surface and can brighten up a space. They can be used for the kitchen or bathroom walls and backsplashes. They are easy to clean and can impart a modern look to your space.


Matt finish tiles have a granular and hard surface with a non-reflective matte finish. They help to create a rustic or traditional look. They can be used as bathroom floor tiles and even in the living area. Moreover, since these tiles are slip-resistant, they can be used in outdoor areas too.


The term generally relates to surface treatments that imparts a high degree of slip resistance. Such treatments give a sandpaper like feel to the surface and are more difficult to clean but provide excellent anti-slip qualities for outdoor areas.


Structured surfaces are ideal for offering a good grip and are slip-resistant. This makes the tile suitable for wet areas like the bathroom, kitchen and external applications.


The surface finish of a glazed or unglazed tile that has had its surface polished to achieve a high, uniform lustre. Available in a range of options, they offer a luxurious feel.


Similar in appearance to the matt surface, satin generally displays a mild degree of surface sheen and the tiles with a satin finish are generally smoother and softer looking than the traditional matt finish.