Matte vs. Gloss: Which Should You Choose?

14 February 2022

Often the choice between matte and gloss tiles is simply a matter of taste. But, as with all projects involving wall and floor tiles, you need to make an informed choice before plumping for one or the other. There are advantages and disadvantages to both matte and gloss tiles – not to mention the fact that the overall looks created can be completely different – so it’s important to choose carefully.


  • Gloss tiles are the shiny, light-reflecting tiles you’d typically expect to find in smaller bathrooms. The reflection of these tiles opens small spaces and allows limited light to bounce back and forth around the room. A popular colour choice in our gloss range is our white bathroom tiles. The gloss finish is in the glaze, so any type of tile can be sold this way.
  • Although sometimes used for floors, gloss tiles are better suited to walls, especially in-home spas that often retain plenty of moisture when in use. However, they can be used for some floors if cared for correctly. Anti-slip tiles will help to prevent any problems with slipping if the floor gets a little bit wet.
  • When the task is done regularly Gloss tiles are particularly easy to clean. If left to dry, water and soap droplets become difficult to remove and obvious to the eye. To some extent, colour will also influence how much you see, but regular cleaning will prevent water and soap stains, and will keep your tiles looking sparkling new.


  • Matte tiles are better suited to larger bathrooms and those with exceptional lighting design. They do not make a room appear smaller but, unlike gloss tiles, they do not open up the room as light is not able to reflect off the matt surface.
  • Matte tiles are preferred as floor tiles because they do not present the same slip-and-fall factor that comes with gloss tiles. Once again, the non-reflective, slightly dulled appearance is the result of a finishing glaze.
  • Although matte tiles are a popular choice for the floor of your bathroom, you can use these tiles on the walls too. Matte tiles do not reveal smudges and dried water droplets easily which makes them ideal for busy bathrooms, especially those in holiday homes where cleaning is not on the daily agenda.

There are so many decisions you will need to make when selecting the right tiles for your bathroom. Colour, size, composition and shape are obvious factors to consider, but an often-overlooked factor is the importance of the matt or gloss finish. This small but significant factor can make a big difference to the feel and maintenance of your bathroom. Remember to chat to your Johnson Tiles contact or use our Visualiser to help you decide on the perfect finish for your tiles.