Keeping Kooyong colourful!

16 October 2020

In 2017, Koonung Secondary Collage Arts Domain Leader, Helen Briffa applied, for the very first time, to the Artist in Schools program run by Whitehorse City Council. She was able to source a mural artist who would put into practice ideas the students had about creating a public artwork. Donations were also made through local communities with the help from Johnson Tiles, Bunnings and KSC PFA.

Johnson Tiles played a significant part in helping Koonung College tell a story of how our ancestors sacrificed their liberation to make Australia what is today. Koonung Secondary reached out to Johnson Tiles due to the plethora of colours needed to realise their project.

Spectrum provided the creative freedom to achieve bold ideas and bright, beautiful features. One of Koonung’s requests was to add a bold contrast to their mural with its cushion style edging, this made for a tighter connection between the mosaic cut off areas.

“The main reason we chose Spectrum was due to its thinner profile real range of colours and tick what we wanted.”

The project saw the successful application to the Koonung Secondary external wall cladding, making for a decorative piece to the school yard as a signature Johnson Tiles design statement. Our Spectrum tiles brighten up the school while adding a touch of history in the various profiles and colours.






Working with Johnson Tiles has helped us achieve our vision in cherishing Kooyong College’s roots down to Australia’s rich history. We appreciate the donation of Spectrum range from Johnson Tiles.