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Bespoke Tiles

What are our Bespoke Tiles? They are YOUR custom designed tiles.

Simply provide us your designs and we’ll put them all onto our quality made porcelain, giving you a creative licence to take your personal style to a whole new level.

From pictures, photos, company logos, patterns and even natural surfaces like wood and stone, Johnson Tiles can create them all on a variety of different sizes and design options.

We strive to provide the best for our customers and we do that by using our quality tiles to make your designs come to life. Express your style with Johnson Tiles.

Tile Designer

STEP 1: Upload your Image

Recommended file upload size under 2MB.

Choose File no file selected

STEP 2: Create your tile

First select your tile size. Then select your design type.

Tile Size

Press the button below to preview your design.
Please note if you change the variables, you will need to press this button again.

Design Type

grid outlines

image for resizing

HINT: Hold SHIFT while resizing to prevent image distortion.

STEP 3: Get Quote

Order Quantity – Number of Tiles

(minimum order: 1 tile)


The 200×200 and 300×300 sizes come in a Ceramic Tile.
The 600×600 size comes in a Porcelain Tile.
All tiles can be used for floor and wall applications.

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